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 Healthcare IT Advisory and Execution

We're a specialized group of healthcare experts with niches in Interoperability, Software Development, and M&A

We are not a traditional consulting firm; we form lasting partnerships and hold ourselves, and our clients, to the highest standards of excellence.

Our Services

We work with software companies, venture capital, private equity, and healthcare organizations.

From ideation to post-implementation, we're there with you every step of the way.

Sales Strategy & Product Positioning

From product-market fit to structuring sales motions, we help you develop a winning sales strategy. 

Product Design & Interoperability Expertise

From conceptualization to implementation, we help you design best-in-class workflows that integrate seamlessly with all major EHRs.


From implementation methdology to ongoing success, we professionalize your customers' experience with your product.

Enlist The Services Of Those That Provide Foresight.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Scott provided guidance, education, best-practice recommendations, and assistance with a variety of technical challenges encountered during our implementation. His extensive related experience allowed us to fast-track our development by overcoming obstacles quickly and effectively, and his in-depth knowledge of Epic EHR infrastructure was invaluable in establishing FHIR-based connectivity with key data holders. This resulted in a rapidly developed, scalable, and standards-based solution in support of a critical public health initiative.

    Mike Y

    Director, Program Integration

  • Whether it's integration technology, EHR users and workflows (and the IT teams who support them), and EHR vendors - his experience is evident in his counsel and his work product. He also gets healthcare companies, and understands the need to bring new solutions to bear on incumbent processes and workflows.

    If you're just getting started or are a seasoned healthcare veteran, Scott will have something to share from anticipating and mitigating risks to finding practical ways to solve integration problems and build solutions."

    Dave G

    Integration Product Manager

  • Deep Experience with all things EHR Integration

    We work with you to determine an integration plan using inputs and asking the right questions to get you to a plan you can accomplish and articulate

  • Healthcare knowledge across providers, payer, and life sciences

    Ensure your product and sales strategy appropriately speaks to each of the major players in healthcare. 

  • We have an expert for that

    For the trickiest technical and strategy questions, we call upon a vast network of experts to weigh in using real-world experience.

Blog Posts

Our learnings are your learnings.

  • Challenges With Prescription Renewals

    Discover how AI-driven automation and integrations can enhance medication renewal workflows, from patient identification to request routing and follow-up. Explore expert insights and actionable strategies to overcome challenges and build a workflow that improves patient satisfaction and operational efficiency.

  • Scott's Post That's Coming Soon

    Scott knows a whole lot of things, and here are some of those things.

  • Post #3

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